Zero to Hero in R (Parts 1 & 2)

99% of people who quit trying to learn data science give up in the first few hours; the rest give up in the first few weeks. This module, designed for participants who have never used R or any other programming language, will jump-start their data science career by guiding them through a series of firsts: their first line of code, first script, first data table, first plot, and first project. Participants leave with the skills and the orientation they need to not just survive in data science, but thrive.

Topics covered

  • setting up R and RStudio
  • using R scripts
  • writing and running code
  • using variables
  • working with packages
  • reading in data
  • basic data cleaning
  • working with dataframes using dplyr
  • making beautiful plots with ggplot
  • making maps with leaflet
  • working with dates/times
  • working with text
  • reshaping datasets
  • Course Length

    • 6 hours in 2 days


    • None

    Additional Information

    Day 1

    R is a calculator
    Scripts & packages
    Dataframes & dplyr
    dplyr exercises

    Day 2

    Making plots with ggplot
    dplyr & ggplot exercises
    Making maps with leaflet & geocoding
    Exercises and wrap up

    This seminar is for anyone who would like to build a solid foundation in data science and R programming. The language of instruction will be English.

    All you will need for this class is a laptop. Instructions will be provided prior to the seminar to set up RStudioCloud.

    Barcelona is famous for its stunning architecture, colorful neighborhoods, lively nightlife, sandy beaches, and world-class cuisine. Datatrain has partnered with a local hotel to offer discounted accommodation to our seminar participants. We can also help arrange for transportation from the airport.