Spatial data can be surprisingly difficult to visualize well. If you are ready to move away from screenshots of Google Maps or would like to create interactive maps to visualize your data, this is the seminar for you. In this 6 hour workshop split between 2 days, participants learn simple, open-source tools for making beautiful maps in R.

Topics covered

  • Basic principles and simple mapping functions, producing elegant and interactive maps using R's leaflet package, building publication-ready maps using the sf and tmap packages in R.

Course Length

  • 6 hours in 2 days


Additional Information

This seminar is for individuals with a foundation in data science and R programming, and would like to learn how to analyze spatial data and make beautiful, interactive maps. The language of instruction will be English.

All you will need for this class is a laptop. Instructions will be provided prior to the seminar to set up RStudioCloud.

We understand the difficulties of online learning in particular, and thus all of our online courses use a state-of-the-art soundstage and low teacher:student ratio to deliver an experience that goes above and beyond a normal classroom. DataTrain's online workshops are:

The teacher will engage you face-to-face throughout the course, moving around the virtual classroom, asking you questions and working on exercises with you. A second instructor will be 'roaming the room' to support your learning.

We care about our participants. Before each workshop, we get to know each of you individually; during each workshop, we ask you questions and engage you in everything we do.